March 19, 2012

Danvers – A Friend You Cannot Afford to Lose

At first, he was just a typical friend that you can come across each day as you go to school and nothing is really special about him.  He was a loner in class contented in sitting in a corner browsing old messages and pictures from his phone while waiting for the professor to arrive.  After each class, he immediately goes out alone heading somewhere probably to smoke.
I still cannot believe that the man who seems to be very serious will play a great role in nurturing my hidden potentials. Actually, I cannot remember how we became friends. (Sorry boss) However, I have a theory how. We both prefer to sit at the back in class. Perhaps, I borrowed a pen or a sheet of paper to him prior to an exam because I am not used in bringing such stuffs and the rest of the story is history.

I guess lots of our classmates would agree that he is a man of few words because he seldom utters a word but when he does, it means so much. Majority if not all of my classmates respect his ideas not just because he is few years older but because it is often times the best decision to make. He was one of the few who lead the class in times of difficulties. From case presentations, submission of requirements for RLE, exams along with schools fees at times, he will certainly lend a helping hand whenever he has the means.
He is one of the few who never gets tired in encouraging me to pursue (remember this word boss) and perform better. I cannot remember the time when he let me realize my mistakes without saying that I was wrong. One time I arrived home drunk and then he ask me along with some friends to go in Malate and enjoy the night. Of course, I went with them despite being drunk because I thrust him that much. He let me drink - drink and drink until I cannot manage anymore and then I ask him to go home but he did not want to and he bought a barrel of beer instead. That time, I realized that I am wrong. That it is his way in showing wrong deeds. Isn’t it awesome?
He is a man with sturdy plans toward a brighter future. However, he is not just thinking about his future but also the future of those who are close to him. I cannot count instances when I asked for his support in all aspects and he managed to help me in a way or another. I believe lots of folks will agree to that especially those who know the man I am talking about.
Majority of our friends have a story to tell about this man and it is always about his kindness. However, he is not a boring – too serious person. He enjoy nightlife, he loves beer and partying. I cannot count how many times we went to bars along with our friends. He love the day after the final exam because it means partying all night with lots and lots of ice cold beer prepared for the whole class who can make it to the venue.
The man I am talking about is my former classmate, board mate and colleague Dante. He was a friend who taught me lots of things about life. In fact, I consider him my older brother. I think most of my classmates have a similar story about him. I salute you for being the same in spite of difficulties you have been through. I do not know how to end this write up so let me end this with a simple word that means a lot. Thanks!

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