March 08, 2012


Once in my life i have met a stranger
I didn’t expect her to love me
Ishtar, allow me to be your Tammuz
I just consider her my best buddy
The best woman i've ever met

It’s just simple how it started
Being classmates, then close peer
But more than a sister
Yet not a lover I thought

I neglect her, not once or twice
But most of the times i guess
But she’s still there patiently waiting
Hoping, without my knowledge

Now she’s gone, taken by an angel
Hope she’s not mad
I'll treasure her forever
Here! under my rib cage

I want to hug her
I want to say i miss her and i care
I want to say I’m sorry
I want to say I love her and i really do

"I wrote this to ask for forgiveness at the same time tell her that she still have a space in my cardio"

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